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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

     Alright. Do you all remember when we were kids and we always had dreams of being firemen, policemen, doctors, professional athletes, and teachers? What made you stop following your dreams? If you want something go after it until you get it. I personally had a dream to play college basketball and am currently training to do just that. When we, as adults, dream, we don't take what we think about to heart because we don't think it's possible but I'm here to tell you ANYTHING is possible. Follow your dreams.

     I've seen parents who tell their kids to follow there dreams but how do they expect the kids to follow their dreams if the parents don't follow their dreams? They are kind of setting a bad example don't you think? Like Jim Rohn always says, "Take care of yourself first and people will follow." What better way to have your children follow their dreams if you pave the path by showing them how to do it. Monkey see monkey do. If they don't see they won't do. So bottom line is you have to follow your dreams, work hard and dream BIG. You see it in your mind, believe that it can be accomplished, take action towards your dream, and achieve it.

     If you do this I guarantee you won't have a better feeling than you do in this instance. To achieve something that you've always wanted is an incredible feeling. I can't describe it but I can tell you YOU can do it. Test it, I dare you. Dream something into existence. Set your mind to it and get it. When you do this let people know that you accomplished your goal. When you do this encourage others to do what you did and you will live better knowing you had a hand in making someones life better.

What better way to live your life than living it like its a big dream?
To Your Success,
Corey Otten


Anonymous said...

Everything that you said here is pretty much true. You have to set goals for yourself or you won't be able to achieve them otherwise. Our parents want to see us grow up and be happy successful people. <3 :D

Anonymous said...

dreams will come true if you believe in any possibility...=)